Where Was Soul Surfer Filmed?

Soul surfer is an inspiring real-life tale about a teenage surfer who loses an arm in a shark attack and still manages to surf competitively and participate in surfing events despite this devastating tragedy.

Soul surfer was shot in Hawaii and offers breathtaking scenery, making for an ideal beach vacation spot! Are you in search of adventure? Take a trip to Hawaii now!


Kauai Island in Hawaii has long been used as a filming location. While most films feature its idyllic scenery and beautiful beaches as backdrops for filmmaking projects, movie industry crews have discovered plenty of exciting spots across Kauai for filming as well.

Soul Surfer was recently shot on Kauai, depicting Bethany Hamilton’s incredible true story as she overcomes challenges presented by shark attacks to pursue her dream of becoming a professional surfer.

Based on Bethany’s 2004 autobiography, this movie chronicles her journey from being attacked through recovery. AnnaSophia Robb stars as Bethany while Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt portray her parents. Additionally, Carrie Underwood, Kevin Sorbo, and Craig T Nelson play pivotal roles.

The film, released in 2011, was an immense box office success, garnering praise for its message of perseverance and hope. However, its release wasn’t without controversy: in 2010 Tom Hamilton and his family protested Mandalay Pictures over its attempt to reduce religious content by digitally replacing Tom Hamilton’s bedside Bible with another book.

No matter its controversy, this movie remains an inspiration for those going through tough times in life. It teaches us not to give up our dreams no matter how difficult life may become and encourages us all to keep pushing through and persevere no matter what comes your way.

Since Soul Surfer first premiered, numerous other movies have been shot on Kauai including Donovan’s Reef, Six Days Seven Nights, The Descendants and Tropic Thunder.

Donovan’s Reef, featuring John Wayne as its lead actor, was shot at the Allerton Estate Home at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens. Other locations of note for filming included King Kong Mountain, Ahukini Landing and Coco Palms Hotel.

The Descendants, featuring George Clooney as its star actor, was an enormously popular movie that featured several scenes filmed around Hawaii island. Many scenes were shot on its North Shore near Lihue airport, Hanalei Bay and Kipu Kai.

Film production also showcased Hawaii’s lush jungle scenery, including such famous locations as Kalalau Valley, Wailua River and Honopu Arch. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit these gorgeous spots if given the chance.


Hawaii has long been used as the setting for Hollywood movies. Being such an idyllic travel destination, Hawaii provides the ideal setting for filmmaking. No surprise then that Hawaii has hosted many filming projects over time!

Soul Surfer, one of Hawaii’s most well-known movies filmed there, tells the inspiring tale of pro surfer Bethany Hamilton and quickly became a beloved classic when released in 2011. With its moving storyline and strong messages, it quickly rose to popularity among audiences worldwide.

AnnaSophia Robb stars as Bethany Hamilton and Helen Hunt is Alana McKinney in this captivating movie with breathtaking cinematography.

However, the film does have some drawbacks. Primarily, its story lacks substance; rather it serves as an upbeat feel-good film about a surfer who loses an arm to shark attacks but continues her dreams despite it all.

Still, it’s an enjoyable film for families. There are some beautiful beach scenes and likeable characters.

One of the major drawbacks to the movie is that it’s too cheesy; many deceptively simple-looking shots in it have actually been assembled out of multiple takes and composited together into composite shots – this may not be an issue if watching for entertainment purposes only, but those seeking deeper meaning may want to look elsewhere.

Blue Crush, another classic Oahu movie set on an idyllic tropical island, follows a young girl as she pursues her dreams of becoming a professional surfer. Remade several times since its original release, but still an absolute classic!

Additionally, this movie boasts an amazing cast and compelling plotline; even those without an interest in surfing will enjoy this flick.

This movie provides breathtaking footage of Hawaii’s coastline, as well as soothing music that will help you to relax and unwind. Watching it with family members is sure to bring back wonderful memories of this beautiful state.


Soul Surfer was released in 2011 based on Bethany Hamilton’s incredible story. The movie recounts her triumphant struggle to overcome all odds after suffering an arm loss due to shark attacks in order to become world champion surfer again despite it all, directed by Sean McNamara with AnnaSophia Robb and Helen Hunt in lead roles.

This movie is an emotional tale of resilience and faith, chronicling Bethany Hamilton’s inspiring journey to find strength in God despite losing an arm due to a shark attack at 13 years old. Bethany shows how she used this loss as motivation for positive change among others through faith-based initiatives that she undertook after she lost it herself.

As soon as they began filming the movie, the crew was required to select locations that accurately conveyed its story. To do this effectively, they chose locations recognizable to surfers, such as beaches and boat docks; these helped make the narrative more relatable and allow audiences to connect more closely with it.

For example, the shark attack scene was shot at Tunnels Beach on Kauai’s North Shore and surfing scenes were shot on various beaches throughout Hawaii, such as Oahu.

Another integral element of the production was its use of prosthetics in the film. Actresses donned green-painted sleeves to help digital artists “de-arm” them when composited onto computer screens for composited shots.

After the green arm had been removed, an empty space needed to be filled in with additional shots of her torso and background elements without her in them, in order to create a convincing look once her prosthetic was put on.

The production team took great care in choosing each scene’s location so as to accommodate its intended plot of the movie, including filming surfing scenes on jet skis and surfboards.


Florida is an ideal surfing destination, offering professional surfers as well as beginners an ideal place to learn or compete in this exciting sport. Many professional surfers often visit Florida to hone their craft or start competing, which makes Florida an excellent spot to make memories on the water!

Florida beaches are so breathtaking and pristine that it is no secret why people come from around the globe to surf here. Along with offering breathtaking scenery, Florida beaches are also great locations for surfing lessons and competitions.

Soul Surfer is an uplifting movie that follows teen surfer Bethany Hamilton through her journey after losing an arm due to shark attack, yet managing to overcome all challenges to become one of the most accomplished surfers worldwide. As such, this movie has had an enormous impact on many lives globally.

To create an authentic film experience, the crew used real locations such as beaches and boat docks as filming locations – allowing audiences to connect more easily with the story. They also ensured these were easily accessible so filming could occur promptly.

The film also used many sets and costumes that helped convey its message more effectively, telling Bethany Hamilton’s tale more effectively while creating an authentic feel to the film.

In order to achieve maximum results for their movie, the crew enlisted an international cast. This allowed them to get the best talent.

Alongside actors, the crew also utilized many digital artists from China, New Zealand and Macedonia for this film project.

Soul Surfer brought together an international cast and crew, all coming from different cultures around the globe to achieve their filmmaking goals collaboratively and create something both inspiring and enjoyable to watch for viewers everywhere.

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