Famous Surfers in the World

Surfing is one of the most beloved beach activities, loved by both men and women alike. As an exciting and challenging activity, surfing brings all-day entertainment for anyone at any level of ability.

Surfers around the globe have changed the face of surfing and become legendary figures. Read on to discover more!

1. Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is one of the world’s best-known surfers. Beginning his career at an early age, he has broken numerous records in this sport while becoming an influential role model and ambassador for it – serving as an ideal example to any aspiring professional surfer.

He has won 11 World Championships and holds both titles simultaneously; becoming both youngest and oldest world surfing champion in his age category. Additionally, he pioneered high-performance surfing by using intentional fin releases with aerial maneuvers for maximum efficiency.

Slater began surfing at age five and quickly won age-division events all across the Atlantic coast. By age ten he had won his first United States Championship title.

Professional surfing was his calling since 1990. He won his first World Championship at 20 and since then has gone on to compete at almost all major events; taking home titles like Hawaii Pipeline Master, Rip Curl Pro Hossegor, Quicksilver Surf Masters and CSI Presents Billabong Pro among many more.

Surfing is one of the God-given talents he possesses, which he pairs with mental capacities that surpass those of any of his competitors. Competition can often prove challenging; therefore he must remain focused on his goal at all times.

Slater not only surfs but is also adept at playing guitar and ukulele. He has performed with The Surfers band as well as grunge band Pearl Jam; additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies and television series.

He is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of $22 Million through his career as a surfer and various endorsements. Additionally, he enjoys golf and Brazilian jiu-jitsu practice as hobbies; serving as a role model to his followers while working hard to increase suicide awareness awareness.

2. Duke Kahanamoku

Surfing is a sport characterized by massive, crashing waves, intense skill demands and the potential for shark attacks. No matter your stance on surfing itself, some notable surfers around the world have left an impactful mark in its history.

Duke Kahanamoku was an extraordinary swimmer known for his courage and selflessness. Devoted himself to helping those in need and was rightly celebrated as an icon due to his extraordinary bravery.

He managed to save many people during his life despite risking his own. Furthermore, he embodies heroism by not letting racial prejudice stop him from doing what he loved.

Kahanamoku was a legendary Hawaiian figure who rose to prominence through heroic deeds such as saving eight fishermen from Newport Harbor, saving an earthquake-stricken ship, and swimming one of history’s longest waves (reportedly 1 mile long).

Although Duke experienced racism, he refused to let it deter him. Rather than abandon swimming and compete in the Olympic games despite discrimination – he continued competing successfully.

After his passing, his family donated a statue in Waikiki to commemorate him and provide insight into who he was. If you plan to visit, make sure to stop by this area to view this statue and learn more about him.

Duke’s Waikiki houses this statue that honors one of Hawaii’s legendary figures; for more information about him and his story take a look at this article.

Swimming was only part of his portfolio – he also won gold and silver medals at the Olympic games! Traveling all around the world to visit swimming exhibitions. Additionally, he helped promote surfing and swimming activities.

Duke Kahanamoku stands as an outstanding example of courageous and selfless leadership in today’s society. Overcoming numerous obstacles in his life, and even though unable to compete, still helping others despite limitations.

3. Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is an American professional surfer renowned for her courageous spirit and source of motivation to millions worldwide. She is popular on social media and featured in the movie Soul Surfer which chronicles her autobiography.

Lihue, Hawaii native Veronica began her professional surfing career at eight. Quickly making an impression in professional sports circles and earning sponsorship from Tim Carroll Surfboards and Rip Curl, she quickly made a name for herself within professional surfing circles.

At thirteen, her life changed inextricably when she was attacked by a tiger shark on Tunnels Beach in Kauai and left without a left arm, yet this didn’t prevent her from competing in surf competitions.

Undergoing several surgeries helped her make a full recovery and pursue professional surfing as she always dreamed of doing. Her perseverance aided in her success in doing just that.

She has written numerous books and appeared on various television programs. Additionally, she produced an autobiographical film entitled Unstoppable that premiered on Sundance Channel in 2018.

Friends of Bethany is an organization dedicated to supporting amputees and youth as they navigate life challenges with faith. She also conducts an annual mother-daughter mentorship retreat in Hawaii.

Her story exemplifies the strength of faith, perseverance and determination in the face of hardship. Through her work, Hamilton has inspired people around the globe and demonstrated how their goals can be reached with faith in God. Even after losing her left arm to cancer, Hamilton continues to thrive and now enjoys being a professional surfer.

4. Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey was a legendary surfer renowned for his skill at riding big waves. He won multiple XXL awards and became known for his extreme rides. Additionally, Dorian made several surf films and appeared as a guest star on various shows.

He is passionate about surfing and has worked to perfect his technique and skills. He has won various awards such as Tube of the Year, Paddle of the Year and Ride of the Year; in addition, he designed an inflatable wetsuit designed to protect surfers in heavy water conditions.

He prefers surfing Jaws/Peahi in Hawaii for its large and powerful waves that require great skill to maneuver. Furthermore, this location serves as one of the ideal training grounds for big wave surfing.

Dorian is highly intelligent, possessing an eye for detail. While he can sometimes be stubborn, he always attempts to work through his issues and find solutions. Dorian and Dani share an extremely close bond; often protecting her from harm.

Dorian loves his twin sister dearly despite his dubious past as a witch, feeling guilty for what happened during their relationship. To prove it he would even lay down his life for her.

Dorian first learned magic as a young boy. Unfortunately, however, he quickly realized he wasn’t very good at it and tried learning from his sister without much success.

Basil Hallward was also influential, helping Dorian advance in his career and painting the picture that captured Dorian’s inner ugliness that ultimately lead him down a dark path and caused him to become corrupt.

5. Shane Dorian

Shane Dorian has made an indelible mark on the sport of surfing with his iconic big wave surfing prowess on legendary waves such as Pipeline and Jaws, his waterman skills, and unique riding style.

She hails from Hawaii and has been surfing big waves for eleven years. Known as one of the top big wave surfers worldwide, he also is widely respected as a legendary swell maker with the ability to create epic waves – winning him both 2008 Global Big Wave Awards as well.

Dorian began surfing at four years old and soon started competing. He soon joined the Hawaii National Team, traveling abroad for international competitions and eventually turning professional, competing on the ASP World Championship Tour.

In 2000, he was ranked fourth worldwide and top scoring surfer in men’s events. Additionally, he received the Waterman of the Year Award.

His success can be attributed to hard work and determination. He never quits trying to better himself and always looks for opportunities for improvement. A true self-made man, he has experienced much success throughout life with many noteworthy achievements to his name.

Dorian is known to the people for being an excellent surfer as well as being a talented musician and artist with a huge social media following.

Dorian is an enthusiastic husband and father to two children. He currently resides with his wife in Holualoa on Hawaii and enjoys hunting and bowhunting as hobbies.

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